Privacy Policy

Zachrome (R. Wilson & Co. Ltd) has been in business since 1989 serving UK customers. Not only are we committed to providing quality chrome plating, we respect and honor the privacy of our site visitors.

Zachrome does not and will not gather any personal information from visitors outside of those voluntarily given in fields such as the "Contact Us" field. We thank customers for trusting us with this information, and only use it to respond to their queries.

Outside of this information, Zachrome utilizes cookies to record general information from visitors. We also use Google Analytics, which records information about visitors so that we can learn how to better present our site. This analytics information includes features like geographic location, which pages were accessed and how long they were accessed.

Zachrome also uses a Google Maps widget that allows users to punch in their address for directions to our site. This is built into the site for convenience to the customer, allowing a person to access directions without having to leave the site.

In the name of fairness and transparency, we want our customers to understand the purpose of gathering such information. For more information about cookies and their use, website visitors can go to This website also gives web users information on how to disable cookies on their browser so that information is not shared. For more information on Google Analytics and its uses of web site visitor information, please visit

We take your privacy seriously and appreciate your visit to our electroplating website.

ISO Accreditation

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